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I serve as organist at the 10am Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church, Links Road, Tooting. I started this site to maintain a list of the hymns chosen for Mass, and this is still the primary purpose. For more detail the Hymn List page which has a full list that you can filter. That list has to be updated from the spreadsheet on my laptop so isn’t always totally up to date with the most recent weeks, but it has everything going back to the end of 2017 so there’s almost a full 3 year liturgical cycle apart from a couple of weeks missed due to Covid.

I hope it’ll help someone out if they need to choose weekly hymns in future. We always try to select hymns that are relevant to the readings rather than just being ‘popular’, and rely heavily on the Archdiocese of Southware Music Committee recommendations along with reference to the Decani Music liturgical planner.

The site gained a second purpose during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. See here for some more background into this. During the first lock-down while we couldn’t attend Mass in person, I recorded hyms for our congregation to learn so they could sing along while I was playing from home during Zoom Masses. I’ve also recorded a few other things which are all on the recordings page. If you just want to see the hymns we chose, you can see the Weekly Music page.


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