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As organist at the 10am Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church, Links Road, Tooting, I started this site to maintain a list of the hymns chosen for Mass. You can view and filter the list here. I keep the master of this list on my own computer, and to make viewing easier on the website I’ve removed the hymn numbers and the various Mass setting details etc.

During the COVID-19 lock-down while we couldn’t attend Mass in person, I recorded hyms for our congregation to learn so they could sing along while I was playing from home during Zoom Masses. You can listen to these and a few other bits on the Music Recordings page.  From 5th July we’re allowed Mass in church again so I’ve been playing hymns in church again (but it’s not the same without congretional singing). We’ll have to see how things go for the future.

I’ve also added the newsletter to the site as a backup to the main Church website. The current newsletter is shown below

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