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As organist for Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church, Links Road, Tooting, I’ve uploaded hymn suggestions for coming weeks.

The attached files (listed below) include links to YouTube videos for some of the lesser known hymns. I know that several choir members refer to the internet to learn new hymns, and feel it would be helpful if choir members could use these versions, rather than ones they find themselves (so everyone ‘sings from the same hymn video’!)  The speed/timings we use in church may not be exactly the same as the videos, but these are the closest I’ve found and will teach you the right tune

January 2018 – these have been given to Fr. Patrick

Feb- March 2018 – Feb though to end of Lent have been agreed by Fr. Patrick
(one of the links is to an MP3 sample rather than YouTube)

Palm Sunday and Holy Week will be on separate sheets